About the Organization

New Hope and New Life organization has been serving since 2012, and it is carrying out various activities which are as follows: Running Orphan/Destitute homes, free evening tuition centres benefitting gypsy children and people from very poor background. Also various activities supporting widows, old age people, people affected with leprosy and HIV to bring hope in their life. There is no doubt that through these various schemes and activities many people, both young and old, receive New Hope and New Life.

If you can't feed 100 people then feed just one - Mother Theresa

About the Founder

Beloved, this is about the founder Mr.C.Wilson. He lost his father and mother at the age of 4 and became an orphan and was admitted in an orphanage. Since food, clothing, shelter, education and medical aid was provided free of cost, he was able to excel in his studies. He was given technical training along with college education, because of which the orphanage enabled him to become a self-made man. With the burden to serve the poor and the orphan in his heart, for almost 20 years he served the community through many developmental works in orphanages and social work organizations in different positions. It is Mr. Wilson's strong belief that the responsibility to do service to the poor community is given by God himself. He, his wife and two sons are committed to do this God-given service to the community all throughout their lifetime.

One who honours the poor honours God the Creator